Kaelyn’s 1st Birthday Bonanza


Cutest Little Girl Ever!

      Ok, so admittedly it wasn’t much of a “bonanza” per say.  It was more of a little get together that included a bounce house.  But considering our lack of funds I feel like we did quite well for her first birthday.  I’ll admit I totally didn’t take pictures of my amazing decorations (and I say amazing considering I got them from Wal Mart and The Dollar Tree).  

Image I completely scored on the outfit that she wore for her birthday.  The dress is a hand-me-down that I got from an amazing woman that I met from Freecycle.org.  If you’ve never heard of the website, it is a place where you can request or offer things for free.  When I got pregnant with Kaelyn I was so scared because we were already so lacking in financials, so I asked for any little girl clothes that someone could spare.  She gave me 3 trash bags! I still haven’t gone through all the clothes she gave me, since she gave me such a huge variety of sizes.  Really saved my butt in the clothing costs.  The hat I bought from babiesrus.com with a gift card that I got for Kaelyn as well.  She desperately needed a sun hat and I bought it without realizing that it perfectly matched the dress.  Go figure!


ImageImage Not wanting to get cake dye all over her beautiful dress, we improvised and did what we figured out on Isaac’s first birthday.  We took her clothes off, cut some holes in a trash bag, and let her go to town.  Now it may not be the most fashionable cake smash, but it was so easy to just run her back in the house and stick her in the bathtub after!  Then she looked just as beautiful after the cake smash as she did before.



When I started planning Kaelyn’s birthday I had all these grand ideas and this amazing birthday cake in my mind, but the prices that they ask at bakeries really wasn’t good for us.  So I went to Stater Bros and designed a simple but cute cake.  I just told them her birthday colors and told them to put sprinkles on it.  Simple, but nice.  It was an amazing cake to eat too!  It was marble with bavarian cream filling, and with whipped frosting.  I usually hate cake and I had to take some leftovers home with me!



She liked the dress as much as I did!

 Kaelyn really didn’t like opening presents.  I ended up having to open them for her and just having her in my lap. although by the time I was at the last present she had been tired of that too and ended up just walking off.  Apparently she’s not the type of baby to like ripping stuff or playing with tissue paper.  We got a lot of really cute clothes and miscellaneous other things for her.  Everyone kept asking what she needed, but Kaelyn is outrageously spoiled so she didn’t need anything.  I just told everyone to get her little things and not to get her any toys haha.



Overall Kaelyn’s birthday was an amazing success.  It wouldn’t have been so if I hadn’t received as much help as I did from Mark’s amazing family.  They’ve always treated me as their own, and I’m truly blessed to have them in my lives, especially with a lot of my family not participating in much of anything.  I was able to have a place to throw a party, get the food, and have a bounce house because of them and they truly made the party what it was.  


And here’s a beautiful black and white version of the first picture. I need to get this one framed!