Isaac: My sensitive, loving little man

Isaac: My sensitive, loving little man

“A boy is Truth with dirt on its face
Beauty with a cut on its finger,
Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair
and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket.”

As you may have figured out, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting lately; Looking at the people around me and figuring out their meaning in my life and how to make my relationships with family and friends better.

Isaac is just such an amazing little man. I absolutely cannot believe that he has turned 4 and I have no idea how it happened. It just seems like I got so wrapped up in other things, that I didn’t notice that now I have a CHILD next to me! He’s no longer this chubby, drooling, infant/toddler that can barely speak. We have full conversations and for the life of me I can’t figure out how.

I’ve never met a little boy quite like Isaac. He’s just so curious about everything (as little boys should be) but he’s so different than the other little boys that I meet. Usually, they’re so rough and “Go-get-em” tough, but Isaac really cares about how his actions will affect others, and especially how others’ actions affect him.

For example, there are 4 little boys on my street, all around the same age. They all have similar yet different personalities. Two of them are the extra rough boys that just storm through everything head first, then there’s one that wants to do everything but if it’s done back to him he cries, and then there’s one that is super sweet until he gets tired (then he goes kinda crazy and starts hitting everyone). Isaac plays so well with them, but then when they start getting rough, he’ll leave and go play with the little girls.

He loves flowers, cute little animals, and sometimes I like to call him a mama’s boy. Not in the sense that he cries and comes running to me, but the fact that he is just so sensitive to everything around him. When people yell, he says “I don’t like it when you yell at each other, please stop.”

Don’t get me wrong he has his rough patches. He definitely has gained my attitude and we butt heads like there’s no tomorrow, and his mouth makes me want to scream. He’s started doing this kind of grunting squeal when he gets frustrated or wants to give me attitude, so he just gets put in time out the first time he talks back to me.

I’m so glad to call this little boy my son though. He has such a generous heart. He’s sensitive to everyone’s feelings. But most of all, he just loves everyone. He may say he doesn’t (because he’s tired or frustrated) but this little boy has so much love in him that he can’t help but make everyone smile and laugh.


Turning Around to Smell the Roses

Today as Kaelyn is taking her nap and Isaac is having fun with his friends at school, I checked my blog just to see what was going on.  I ended up connecting to a blog called MoneySavingMom and saw that she had a book out called Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  The title of the book screamed out to me, waving it’s little intriguing hands and saying “Please read some of me!”.  Luckily Amazon has a preview option, and I was able to catch a few of the first pages of the book.


This book made me cry.  Not in the way that a sad drama makes you cry, or a happy ending, but in a “self-realization, What-has-my-life-become” kind of cry.  Her book in just the first few pages screamed at me, This is you! and broke down all the walls of my self conscious and made me realize that I am the one making my life the way it is.  I keep turning around and blaming everyone for my frustration, my anger, my depression…when I am doing it to myself.  If you feel like you are barely scraping by in life, hanging onto the thin threads of sanity, and are saying “It’s my kids, they won’t stop whining.” or “It’s my husband, he just shoves everything off on me.” I seriously suggest just reading the first few pages.  Go out to the store and buy the whole darn book. I know I’m about to!


My New Years resolution was to make more time to spend with my kids, and so far I have failed.  I mean, yeah I play with them more, but do I meet their expectations of how a mother should play with their child?  Do I constantly yell because Isaac at 4 year old spilled milk all over the floor? Do I stress out and scream because Kaelyn won’t stop crying, when all she really wants is to be held, but I have a million other things to do? Do I yell at hubby ever.single.time he leaves something on the floor, or trash on the counter? Yes.  That is me.  I make this so much more stressful than it has to be.  I need a new direction that doesn’t involve taking everything out on my husband and children.

So I’m planning on buying this book and reading it.  I’m going to take mental notes on her suggestions and see if I can figure out how to turn myself around and smell the darn roses.  Okay…..I actually don’t like roses so I’ll say Smell the Darn Jasmine!



Palm Desert Zoo

Tucked away in some back corner of Palm Desert, there is a little tiny zoo called “The Living Desert”.  I never even knew it existed until someone mentioned it when I was complaining about the high prices and distance to the LA or San Diego zoos.  It’s actually a very cute little place, and I think it could be an awesome place to go for a hike because they have these little back trails that a person could take, and some gorgeous gardens to view.

One thing that made me laugh is that they have an “honor system”.  There is no gate at the front to give tickets to, instead there’s just a booth off to the side to buy tickets, but it could easily be bypassed and a person could walk straight into the zoo without a worry in the world, and more money in their pocket.  Of course, we bought our tickets but we thought that it was pretty funny that anyone could just walk in.

We ended up inviting all of our neighbors to go with us, since they all have kids around Isaac’s age and we thought it would be nice for him to have someone to share his excitement with, and it was a little less taxing for us.  It was definitely an adventure keeping 5 boys under wraps!

The ride to Palm Desert wasn’t that bad, about an hour through the desert.  Anyone that knows Palm Springs area knows that there are these awesome windmills that kids seem to love.  But my ‘mommy’ Gina always tells me that they look like aliens and creep her out!  What an imaginations she has.


We all took pictures of the boys together, so that way if one got separated we could identify what they were wearing to the employees of the zoo.  All those handsome boys!  They were like watching puppies when they wiggle their butts around because they want to move but you won’t let them.


loved the Foxes! I couldn’t help myself from singing the infamous song “What does he Fox Say? Ring ting ting ting ting ting ting…..” 


They had a very cute petting zoo with the usual goats.  And this one you didn’t have to pay for! Inside they had these little rubber brushes so that the guests could brush the goats.  There was one specific mean one that everyone stayed clear of.  Isaac loved them, but Kaelyn did not want to touch the goat.

 IMG_0230 IMG_0232

They had these immensely large cattle.  I couldn’t believe the size of their horns.  The zookeeper said that they were a domestic cattle from Africa, and that the horns were hollow on the inside with a kind of honeycomb texture.  Well there’s a fact for you!


Everyone got to take pictures with the fake camel but Isaac was really upset when I got in the picture with Kaelyn

IMG_0237 IMG_0240 IMG_0241


The camel rides seriously made my day.  It was a mixture of the hilarity of hubby being uncomfortable atop the hump, and the pleasure in seeing Isaac’s amazement while riding slowly in a circle.

IMG_0246 IMG_0248

The cutest little train town!


We ended up finishing up the day at the little park they had in there.  It was so cute!

IMG_0252 IMG_0254 IMG_0256

Overall I’d say that we had a great time while at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert.  You couldn’t beat the price and the animals were easy to find, unlike some of the larger zoos.  If I didn’t have the kids or maybe even had a double stroller, we’d take advantage of the hiking trails that are part of the zoo as well.  Sometimes Isaac acted up and we wondered if he really deserved to be there, but the answer was always yes.


Happy New Year!

I just wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year from The Savage Clan!

Last night we went to a friend’s house and had some awesome game time.  Everyone drank alcohol but I stuck to some soda and water since I’m still nursing.

Image My neighbors and us get along so well.  We have those awesome kinds of neighbors that give cookies out on Christmas, we all have kids around the same age so they all play together, and everyone legitimately gets along well.  I wish that our house and landlord were just as amazing because I’m sure I would never leave!  But hubby wants to move closer to his university and our house is kind of terrible and the landlord doesn’t ever want to fix anything and puts up a fight every time.


My New Years Resolution:

To spend less time on the computer, more time with my kids, and to have more patience so that I don’t yell at Isaac so much!


I feel so bad when I yell at him now, and he gives me that look.  The big wide eyes and “I can’t believe you yelled at me” look.   He has been so bad lately, and pushing at my every button, that I feel like it’s a constant battle with him.  He’s even taken to hitting his sister when he gets frustrated.  I explained to him “She’s a baby, she get’s hurt very easily, so when you get frustrated or angry at her just come and talk to me or daddy, or you can go play with another toy.” It’s working so far *rolls eyes* but we’ll see.


On another note: Kaelyn got to try eggs for the first time today! Yay!  She loved them!


I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!  I would love to hear some resolutions everyone has and their plans to keep them!




Facebook is proof that the world is terminally bored.
— Unknown

So I’ve decided.

My personal Facebook is being deleted today!  Not because of the drama like some people would think, but because of my own personal choice.  I spend way too much time on my phone and computer checking Facebook statuses and talking to people that I haven’t seen in person for years.

So the blog will become my new kind-of Facebook!  That’s what it was intended for right? To post amazing memories of my kids? The things I learn everyday from new experiences?  So…Goodbye Facebook.  It has been an amazing experience talking to people for years who probably didn’t even talk to me much in Highschool!


Insane Life

So when is the last time I posted on here?  I don’t even remember!  It has been crazy in the Savage household!  

My class started on August 19th and it has been absolutely insane trying to fit in the peace and quiet I need to study for an online math class.  It really isn’t even that much work but I feel like I have so much to do in so little time.  

Also, Kaelyn has been able to stand about an hour in the gym’s daycare so I’ve been able to go to the gym almost every morning to get a little workout in.  It has been amazing to get back into a workout routine.  Mark says he can already see a difference in the last week that I’ve been working out but I think he’s crazy haha.  

I feel terrible for being negligent of my blogging duties, but my family/life duties are more important.  If i don’t blog again for a while, I’m sorry.  Just living like a savage over here 😉




3 Year Old + Super Glue= No Fun!

You know that superglue stuffed in your drawer for fixing things like broken toys or sometimes the occasional glasses?  Well today, Isaac discovered it inside of my drawer and got it all over his fingers!

I’m freaking out thinking doctor’s visits, skin removals, and screaming while my husband calmly goes on the computer to look up ways to get rid of it.

We tried soaking his hands in warm water and soap with a little vinegar…No go!

We tried nail polish remover…nope!

We tried to file it with an emery board…still no! 

Do you want to know what worked?  Butter!

I rubbed his fingers with butter and let it sit for a little while, and then I went to work.  The super glue peeled off slowly yet surely, while I was watching for any winces of pain from my brave little boy.

Too busy saving him from the unknown pain he would have no doubt endured at the doctor’s…I forgot to take a picture of his crazy hands.  The superglue made his hands look like those dry, cracked old hands that people get when they don’t moisturize lol.  My poor baby!  

But he toughed it out!  And you know what he told me?  “Mommy, I love superglue.”


Nooooo!  Must find a higher up spot for it now!


What kind of things worked for you to get crazy stuff off your kids?  I’m just waiting for the gum in the hair from Kaelyn when she gets older so I can stuff some peanut butter in her hair, while threatening to shave it all off!