Turning Around to Smell the Roses

Today as Kaelyn is taking her nap and Isaac is having fun with his friends at school, I checked my blog just to see what was going on.  I ended up connecting to a blog called MoneySavingMom and saw that she had a book out called Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  The title of the book screamed out to me, waving it’s little intriguing hands and saying “Please read some of me!”.  Luckily Amazon has a preview option, and I was able to catch a few of the first pages of the book.


This book made me cry.  Not in the way that a sad drama makes you cry, or a happy ending, but in a “self-realization, What-has-my-life-become” kind of cry.  Her book in just the first few pages screamed at me, This is you! and broke down all the walls of my self conscious and made me realize that I am the one making my life the way it is.  I keep turning around and blaming everyone for my frustration, my anger, my depression…when I am doing it to myself.  If you feel like you are barely scraping by in life, hanging onto the thin threads of sanity, and are saying “It’s my kids, they won’t stop whining.” or “It’s my husband, he just shoves everything off on me.” I seriously suggest just reading the first few pages.  Go out to the store and buy the whole darn book. I know I’m about to!


My New Years resolution was to make more time to spend with my kids, and so far I have failed.  I mean, yeah I play with them more, but do I meet their expectations of how a mother should play with their child?  Do I constantly yell because Isaac at 4 year old spilled milk all over the floor? Do I stress out and scream because Kaelyn won’t stop crying, when all she really wants is to be held, but I have a million other things to do? Do I yell at hubby ever.single.time he leaves something on the floor, or trash on the counter? Yes.  That is me.  I make this so much more stressful than it has to be.  I need a new direction that doesn’t involve taking everything out on my husband and children.

So I’m planning on buying this book and reading it.  I’m going to take mental notes on her suggestions and see if I can figure out how to turn myself around and smell the darn roses.  Okay…..I actually don’t like roses so I’ll say Smell the Darn Jasmine!



Happy New Year!

I just wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year from The Savage Clan!

Last night we went to a friend’s house and had some awesome game time.  Everyone drank alcohol but I stuck to some soda and water since I’m still nursing.

Image My neighbors and us get along so well.  We have those awesome kinds of neighbors that give cookies out on Christmas, we all have kids around the same age so they all play together, and everyone legitimately gets along well.  I wish that our house and landlord were just as amazing because I’m sure I would never leave!  But hubby wants to move closer to his university and our house is kind of terrible and the landlord doesn’t ever want to fix anything and puts up a fight every time.


My New Years Resolution:

To spend less time on the computer, more time with my kids, and to have more patience so that I don’t yell at Isaac so much!


I feel so bad when I yell at him now, and he gives me that look.  The big wide eyes and “I can’t believe you yelled at me” look.   He has been so bad lately, and pushing at my every button, that I feel like it’s a constant battle with him.  He’s even taken to hitting his sister when he gets frustrated.  I explained to him “She’s a baby, she get’s hurt very easily, so when you get frustrated or angry at her just come and talk to me or daddy, or you can go play with another toy.” It’s working so far *rolls eyes* but we’ll see.


On another note: Kaelyn got to try eggs for the first time today! Yay!  She loved them!


I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!  I would love to hear some resolutions everyone has and their plans to keep them!




Facebook is proof that the world is terminally bored.
— Unknown

So I’ve decided.

My personal Facebook is being deleted today!  Not because of the drama like some people would think, but because of my own personal choice.  I spend way too much time on my phone and computer checking Facebook statuses and talking to people that I haven’t seen in person for years.

So the blog will become my new kind-of Facebook!  That’s what it was intended for right? To post amazing memories of my kids? The things I learn everyday from new experiences?  So…Goodbye Facebook.  It has been an amazing experience talking to people for years who probably didn’t even talk to me much in Highschool!


Insane Life

So when is the last time I posted on here?  I don’t even remember!  It has been crazy in the Savage household!  

My class started on August 19th and it has been absolutely insane trying to fit in the peace and quiet I need to study for an online math class.  It really isn’t even that much work but I feel like I have so much to do in so little time.  

Also, Kaelyn has been able to stand about an hour in the gym’s daycare so I’ve been able to go to the gym almost every morning to get a little workout in.  It has been amazing to get back into a workout routine.  Mark says he can already see a difference in the last week that I’ve been working out but I think he’s crazy haha.  

I feel terrible for being negligent of my blogging duties, but my family/life duties are more important.  If i don’t blog again for a while, I’m sorry.  Just living like a savage over here 😉




Camel Spider

Camel Spider

First off…please excuse the food on my carpet. My 3 year old is a master of getting crumbs everywhere!

So yesterday my son and I were getting him ready to eat dinner, and I was moving a towel by his eating area. Then Isaac started screaming bloody murder and saying:
“Mommy! It’s a spider! A big big spider!”
I didn’t believe him at first because I couldn’t see it, and then it moved slowly and menacingly underneath the coffee table.
This made me and my son JUMP up on the couch with lightning fast speed because all I could think was “brown recluse” or “scorpion”! I proceeded to scream for my husband and he didn’t hear me, so I actually had to go find him to kill the darn thing.
Upon first inspection I thought it was a potato bug, and then I researched further and my brother (who’s done his time in Iraq and Afghanistan), said that it’s a small camel spider.
WHAT? That sounds CRAZY!
So what do I do?
I google it.
Apparently they aren’t venemous but their bites are nasty and hurt, and they can also get really infected. And we only get the small ones in Southern California…
Oh great..Just the small ones.
So now I am SO careful when I pick up anything.
So scary!


Over Potty Training!

Don’t you sometimes wish that there was some magical little fairy that sprinkled potty dust on children for their third birthday?

Little man has been “potty training” since 2-2.5 years old and he still isn’t potty-trained at almost 3 1/2.  We have tried charts, bribing, begging, food in the toilet, the mini potty (with an awesome cars flusher!), letting him wear underwear all day, a doll, etc.  but he still refuses to go to the bathroom.

Everyone says to “step back” and let him do it his own way or he’ll do it eventually, but 2 kids in diapers is killing us lol.  We Cloth diaper Kaelyn but when we go out places, or at night time, we put her in disposables.  Not to mention, we’re just darn tired of changing a 3 1/2 year old’s diapers!  

If anyone has any amazing suggestions I would greatly appreciate them because we are at our wits end with him!


But on a brighter note, I just can’t get over how cute he is!Image