Awesome workout!


Oh My Goodness….

First off I want to say that in no way am I being paid to talk about this product.

Today, I did my first workout post pregnancy.  My hubby and I decided to try out the Tapout XT workouts and see how they do.  Hubby is a health nut and loves to workout, so he’s always trying to get me enthusiastic about it. 

Now let me tell you, I am in no way enthusiastic about workingout, so don’t get the wrong idea that I’m working out and going “Yay!  I love sweating, doing planks, and push ups!”  It’s more like “I’m DYING over here!  I can’t breathe *huff huff huff*”.  But I am determined to at least get back down to pre-pregnancy weight. Currently weighing at 150 when my pre-pregnancy weight was 125-130 is pretty difficult for me.  So for some good buns and skinny waist,  Bring It On!

And let me inform you that the Tapout XT video kicked my booty!  It’s 12 weeks of intense workout, with different videos for different days of the weeks.  The first video is a lot of planks, supermans, and core workouts.

It’s also nice to be able to do it with my husband because he encourages me (I think he has an ulterior motive for it though 😉 ).  Even if you don’t have a husband/boyfriend to do it with, get a friend to!  Friends encourage each other to improve, and you may even get a little giggly with how hard it gets. 

So hopefully I will keep you updated on how the workout is and how much weight I’m losing.  As of right now I’m 152 pounds and determined to at least get back to 130.