The Earth Laughs in Flowers (and Vegetables)

For my birthday, Mark promised that he would build me some garden beds for the side of our house.  See, we have so many places to garden in our yard, but only one area gets enough sun. The neighborhood (and I suspect a large portion of California) is infested with gophers, and the side yard is full of weeds.  Therefore, raised beds were our best option.  Not to mention I am guilty of being a “lazy gardener”  so not having to weed makes me very happy.


So this is 3 of the garden beds.  Mark still hasn’t built my 4th one but it’s okay.  I don’t have any plants to put in there yet.  When we were discussing how big we wanted the beds to be it ended up into several arguments haha.  Mark wanted to build me 2 4×4 planters, one for veggies and one for herbs.  I told him that’s not big enough, I would need at least 3 (two for veggies, one for herbs).  I originally wanted three 4x6s. 

We (along with a friend of ours because we have no truck) go to home depot and get deep into conversation with an employee who also gardens in raised beds.  Our wood is 12 inches deep and we made our beds 2 feet wide instead of 4.  I am really happy we did 2ft because it is a lot easier reaching across.


In this bed I have quite a few plants.  I probably have too many, honestly.  Once they’re full grown I think it’s going to be scary!  No seriously, it’s going to be like a jungle.

This one has peas, green beans, cucumber, Japanese eggplant,  bell peppers (red and green, but I really want some yellow too) and 2 different kinds of hot pepper (habanero and garden salsa)


And these are all my tomatoes.  I planted 6 because that’s what came in the pack but I think we won’t eat this many tomatoes.  Once they grow more and we see how much We yield, I may give a plant or two away and have more room in this planter.  Then again I could make marinara sauce for days and learn how to can! 

I didn’t take a picture of the third one because it’s kind of sad.  I didn’t like any of the herbs at Home Depot because they were either not organic, or they were really unhealthy looking.  Most of the herbs I planted were from seed and not much has grown.  I’m considering ordering some seeds online that are organic as well. 


Not planted in a raised bed are the more wild growing plants.  My rosemary and lavender are over on the patio.  I also have some mint, and an experimental grape plant. 

I have a lot of plans for my garden that I would love to follow through with.  Since we’re renting and have no idea how long we’ll be staying (ideally 5 years), who knows what we will accomplish.  First thing is getting all of the weeds demolished on the side.

Hopefully you will continue to follow me on this journey of my newbie gardening.

Any awesome, organic tips (especially for Southern California) would be much appreciated.  I’m not brave enough to try any leafy greens because of the bugs and heat here…but hopefully soon!


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