Lone Tree

A poem I wrote about someone who I tried to save, but refused her savior:

A Lone Tree

A lone tree, within a forest of others
Confusion in the leaves that shelter you
Anger within the roots that hold you steady
Lies that keep you growing

Believing that the wind causes you to shake
But you tremble on your own
Believing that others cause the holes in your bark
But you rip them out of yourself

Nothing dares touch your quivering limbs
Or takes shelter under your sparse leaves
No trees grow within your reach
Or sway towards you in the wind

Love has tried to help you grow
To bring more leaves to your branches
To cut down the broken bark
And find the beautiful core underneath

Yet you resist the futile attempts
Your bark too rough
Your roots too deep
The leaves too sparse

So you will remain
A lone tree, in the forest of others
With anger in your roots
And the Lies that keep you growing


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