Moving with Kids (again!)

Moving with Kids (again!)

As renters, and young at that, I feel like we are constantly moving for one thing or the other. Both the first and second apartment that we lived in we had to leave because the neighborhood was unsafe, and then we stayed in a condo for 2 years until the landlord passed away. We would have stayed but the deceased landlord’s family took over and they barely spoke any English. Not wanting to deal with any “miscommunication” we left. Then we went to the house we are currently living in and it has been a nightmare.

We didn’t notice when we moved in (because it’s brown carpet) but the floor is disgusting. During the summer when it’s humid, the house wreaks like dog. Most of the things are not to code, or safe, so we decided to just take our time and find a house that we really liked this time since we’re on a month-to-month agreement.

We found this gorgeous house that we are extremely excited to move into. For those of you with no kids, just know that moving with kids is terrible. I absolutely hate packing, but it’s even worse with kids. Luckily, I’ve been able to get Isaac to help me out. He’s been helping me tape the boxes, pack his toys, and putting things in the boxes.

Kaelyn is another story. At almost one years old, she is on the move! I’m pretty sure she skipped the walking stage and does more of a jog to her location of desire. And boy does she tell you when she isn’t getting her way! So boxing things has been an adventure, but the thought of moving boxes in and unpacking with the two of them gives me a headache.

Friend’s have offered to watch the kids for me, and I’m going to take one person up on her offer, so hopefully Kaelyn does well and doesn’t freak out. Crossing my fingers.

Hoping I have a good move this weekend! Yay!


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