Facebook is proof that the world is terminally bored.
— Unknown

So I’ve decided.

My personal Facebook is being deleted today!  Not because of the drama like some people would think, but because of my own personal choice.  I spend way too much time on my phone and computer checking Facebook statuses and talking to people that I haven’t seen in person for years.

So the blog will become my new kind-of Facebook!  That’s what it was intended for right? To post amazing memories of my kids? The things I learn everyday from new experiences?  So…Goodbye Facebook.  It has been an amazing experience talking to people for years who probably didn’t even talk to me much in Highschool!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook!

      • I think someone got into your Facebook girl. I had wrote you through there first and someone replied and was like do I know you? I was so confused. We are doing really good the kids are all growing up big. How are your babies. Text me sometime for a while I was like where the hell did she go. 9092723171

      • hahaha well I’ve thought my facebook has been deleted this whole time. Apparently it didn’t get the memo when I said “delete” but whatever. My guess is that all my notifications are being sent to my old phone number! hahaha! So I guess I better go on there to fix it. But I don’t go on Facebook anymore so I’ll text you my number so we can get in touch. It’d be nice to have a playdate with the kids sometime!

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