Insane Life

So when is the last time I posted on here?  I don’t even remember!  It has been crazy in the Savage household!  

My class started on August 19th and it has been absolutely insane trying to fit in the peace and quiet I need to study for an online math class.  It really isn’t even that much work but I feel like I have so much to do in so little time.  

Also, Kaelyn has been able to stand about an hour in the gym’s daycare so I’ve been able to go to the gym almost every morning to get a little workout in.  It has been amazing to get back into a workout routine.  Mark says he can already see a difference in the last week that I’ve been working out but I think he’s crazy haha.  

I feel terrible for being negligent of my blogging duties, but my family/life duties are more important.  If i don’t blog again for a while, I’m sorry.  Just living like a savage over here 😉




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