3 Year Old + Super Glue= No Fun!

You know that superglue stuffed in your drawer for fixing things like broken toys or sometimes the occasional glasses?  Well today, Isaac discovered it inside of my drawer and got it all over his fingers!

I’m freaking out thinking doctor’s visits, skin removals, and screaming while my husband calmly goes on the computer to look up ways to get rid of it.

We tried soaking his hands in warm water and soap with a little vinegar…No go!

We tried nail polish remover…nope!

We tried to file it with an emery board…still no! 

Do you want to know what worked?  Butter!

I rubbed his fingers with butter and let it sit for a little while, and then I went to work.  The super glue peeled off slowly yet surely, while I was watching for any winces of pain from my brave little boy.

Too busy saving him from the unknown pain he would have no doubt endured at the doctor’s…I forgot to take a picture of his crazy hands.  The superglue made his hands look like those dry, cracked old hands that people get when they don’t moisturize lol.  My poor baby!  

But he toughed it out!  And you know what he told me?  “Mommy, I love superglue.”


Nooooo!  Must find a higher up spot for it now!


What kind of things worked for you to get crazy stuff off your kids?  I’m just waiting for the gum in the hair from Kaelyn when she gets older so I can stuff some peanut butter in her hair, while threatening to shave it all off!


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