7 Days of Purging/Organization: Day 5- Toy Room

As I was going through the toys in this room, I realized that I had already purged it not that long ago. Isaac had been complaining about picking up the toys in his room, and I did the age old threat “If you don’t pick up your toys RIGHT NOW, then I’ll throw them away!” How many parents do this and don’t follow through with it? I’ve told him this numerous times and it never works. So, at the end of my patience, I walk into the kitchen, pick up a trash bag, and start throwing toys in it!
He raced around grabbing the toys that were important to him and put them back in bins, while I angrily threw the other toys in the bag. After it was done, I put the toys in the closet thinking I would give them back to him when he was good. But you know what? He NEVER missed them! So now they’re going to be donated to a thrift store where someone who wants them can have them!

But look at these adorable bins we got from a neighbor:

She got them from a family member (who obviously got it from Ikea), and they were just sitting in her garage. When she saw our lack of toy storage in the toy room, she very generously gave them to us! I love them because when it comes to cleaning, they’re easy to organize!

We also made the closet into a little reading nook:

I got everything as a present from friends and it’s a perfect little cuddling area for the kids to sit down and read a book!

I wish I had the amazing toy rooms from Pinterest, but this room is perfect and functional for our kids at the moment. I don’t have tons of money to throw into the room, and I have other rooms I’d rather spend the money on!

Once again: Organizing is all about using what you have, not going out to buy more stuff to clutter!

Now for my dream toy rooms on pinterest! haha:

I love the park feel of this room! Very spacious and cute! I think I would need a basement for this though lol.


I love how this one encourages creativity with the chalkboard wall that’s still low down for little ones! Not a big fan of the color on the walls but I love the warmth you feel.


And this one is SUPER cute! I already have the ladybug! It’s a start right??


I’m currently working on getting a bookcase for the books, since right now they’re usually thrown around the house!

How is your toy room?


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