Play Day

I don’t know why but yesterday I had some problems trying to post onto here!  I don’t know whether it was my internet connection or what, but I would click “Publish” and it would load…and load…and load…and load until finally I gave up and went to bed haha.  Anways, onto the post that I really made last night!

Yesterday I decided to take a little break from the purging and organization.  I was about to go organize the toy room when my son came up to me and said “Can we play, mommy?” and I don’t know why but that right there made me decided not to organize.

We painted with fingerpaints: (these pictures are from a previous fingerpainting session…)



We helped Kaelyn play with her toys and tried to teach her to crawl:







And then we colored some more:




Sometimes I take days for granted and feel like I don’t spend enough time with them, and when I actually take the time to sit down and play with them it makes it all feel worth it.  Isaac is such a funny child and tells me the funniest stories, and Kaelyn is getting bigger every day, almost crawling!


Hubby and I also spent some time together and it was great.

Funny Story of the day:  Hubby and I walked into the bedroom not realizing Kaelyn was asleep in her playpen (we were going to check on her).  We saw that she was asleep and started to try to creep out when all the sudden she POPPED her head up!

So what do we do?  We dropped to the floor behind the bed and hid from her!  We were such a ridiculous sight that I started laughing under my breath and we crawled across the floor to the door.  By the time we got outside of it I started giggling hysterically and just dropped to the floor.  What a moment!


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