7 Days of Purging/ Day 4: The Kids Room

Ok so today’s was a bit difficult, I won’t lie.  When it comes to cleaning the children’s room, that involves only doing it when the children are awake and not all in your face!  

See…my son’s room was a bit crazy.  It mostly just needed to be cleaned.  See: 



That broken dresser was the outcome of my crazy child pulling it down on top of himself.  That was fun!  He learned his lesson though, let me tell you that!

And then…You walk into the closet:


Ahhhhhhhhh!  I know right?  It is like the bottomless abyss of junk!

So I have a lot of work cut out for me.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get rid of everything in the closet because it’s a bunch of stuff that we still need.  Things like: clothes that are still too big for the kids and these waterproof pads that you put under the sheets for accidents.  But after re-arranging the furniture, getting rid of the broken dresser, getting rid of Isaac’s old baby blankets (that was hard!), and putting his clothes in a hanging storage, everything looks much more amazing.





So…I realize it’s not perfect.  Once the kids get through the bed-wetting stage and grow into all those clothes, then I won’t have to have all this junk in their closet.  But you know..it’s the kid closet.  Nobody goes into the kid closet, so I don’t feel too awful about it.  It’s amazing just to know that I’ve cleaned and organized it to the best of my ability at the moment!  And that’s what matters!

I don’t know about anyone else, or if anyone is even following this and reading it, but this cleaning and purging has become an amazing thing for this house.  Every room that has been purged and organized feels a lot more home-y, and is a lot easier to maintain being clean!

Tell me about your organizing adventures?  Do you have as much junk as I do? More? 


4 thoughts on “7 Days of Purging/ Day 4: The Kids Room

    • It just takes one step at a time! Life gets in the way sometimes believe me lol You are also so busy with your jewelry making. Beautiful work by the way! You have come so far in your jewelry!

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