7 Days of Purging/Organizing: Day 3- The Bathroom

I think I’ve been doing pretty good at this organizing and purging!  Having the house organized has been making it so much easier to clean, and I feel happier in my home.  Hopefully hubby and Isaac can keep it clean.

Today was a fairly quick job.  My bathroom doesn’t always look too bad, since we usually just stuff things into the cabinets and drawers.  But then this happens:



I cleaned my bathroom first.  Wiping down the counters, bath, toilet, and throwing away any trash.  Then I pulled everything out.  Yes…all of that nonsense in the drawers and cabinets came right out!

Then, I sorted through everything I use and don’t use.  I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I receive at least 3 of those scented bath sets every Christmas, and then I never use them.  They never moisturize my skin, and they always smell better in the bottle than they do on your skin.  Plus I’m always getting vanilla or frosting…and I don’t like to walk around smelling like a cupcake all day.  Don’t get me wrong I love my family and would never tell them “Hey this is a terrible present…” so I accept it with a smile and then end up stuffing it in the cabinet.  Which now stops!

I threw them all away because I know I will never use them, and didn’t see any real way to donate them or sell them since I’m pretty sure that 90% of them were from the dollar store.

I also threw away all the medication that was expired.  I couldn’t believe some of the medication we still had, and were still using.  I had neosporin that I must have taken when I moved out of my dad’s house 5 years ago…that expired in 2004.  Oh. My. Gosh! Now I’m sure it didn’t do any harm but there’s a reason why they expire right?

This was my ending trash bag!



I have one of those racks that go over the toilet that you’re supposed to put towels on, but I never do.  Why you ask?  Because I’m pretty sure more towels fall into the toilet than actual make it onto a person’s body.  I used a paper towel holder to stack toilet paper on.  I bought it for my kitchen at my last house, but this one has a built in holder, and it perfectly stacks 3 rolls of toilet paper.  Yay for finding new uses for things!  I keep the baby towels on there too because I know that sometimes I take her into the bath and forget a towel.  Then I’m carrying around a soaking wet baby trying to get a towel…no fun!  My bobby pins and hairties are hidden in a little box on there that I got as a favor from a baby shower, and I thought it was too cute to get rid of.



So yay for a clean bathroom!

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