7 Day Purge/Organization: Day 2-Bedroom

So I wasn’t able to post this last night because of issues with my internet, and also life seemed to just get in the way with everything yesterday haha.  We had a very busy day of prepping for preschool and shopping, as well as hubby and I actually spending time together (This is where everyone goes WHAT?!?).  So! To make up for my failure of posting last night, I’m double posting today!  Yay!

Anyways…On to the bedroom!

Before: Things wrong- Unmade bed, stuff ALL OVER THE DRESSERS!, basically not that bad except for the clutter.


Closet Before: Stuff all over the floor, full of clothes I never wear, and stuff pushed all over the shelves.


1.  The first thing I did was make my bed.  I read on Ruth’s Blog that making your bed improves the room so much!  Such an easy task, and it almost already makes the room look clean.  Now…Your bedspread might be better than mine haha.  We never put flat sheets on because we roll a LOT and it has become a task in itself just to keep putting the darn sheet back on the bed.  Plus, it’s not the matching cover to the sheets, which I need to take to the laundromat because our washer is too small.  End of defensive rant!


I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s a necessity for me to listen to music while I’m cleaning.  Otherwise I drag my feet and will never get anything done.  So Spotify has become my best friend!  Yay!


2.  Then I made a bigger mess than I started with!  Sometimes when you’re cleaning, it involves making a bigger mess.


3. The closet:  After a huge pile of clothes and many dead bug carcasses (eek!), I actually finished my closet haha.  I went through and got rid of everything that I absolutely know I won’t wear again, either because they were pre-Kaelyn, or I just didn’t like the style anymore.  I’m sure I’ll go through it again at the end of the winter to get rid of any clothes that I didn’t wear that season.  I also kept my Starbucks apron (I used to work there) for cooking and stuff (I’ve moved it into the kitchen now.)


On the top shelf is where I keep all my diapers, workout gear, and my husband’s ugly box of a knife collection.




Now, I am in no way a perfect person.  I will never try to misguide you into thinking I’m the best organizer, especially with the supplies I have.  I just make do with the space I have and not owning any organizational supplies.  Did I organize the dressers?  No.  Why? Because I know my husband and I, and it would only last about a day before clothes were wadded up again.  I read in a previous blog, that I can’t remember at the moment, that organization is “making things work for you”.  I know how messy we can be, so I just try to make things look nicer than they were.  

What kind of organization works for you in your bedroom?  I’d love to hear it!  I’m always willing to take advice!

Next Post will be my bathroom!


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