7 Days of Purging/Organizing: Day 1-The Kitchen

So the other day I was browsing through Pinterest when I saw a post by Ruth Soukup on her blog Living Well, Spending Less.  This got me browsing her blog to see all her tips, and I loved her organizing and cleaning tips.  She did a really long series of cleaning her house, and I thought “Why not purge everything in my house I don’t need, and then reorganize it all?”.

Well with 2 kids, one being a 3 year old rambunctious boy and the other a breastfeeding 5 month old, things can be hard to do.  So I decided to break up each room into it’s own day.  So begins the 7 days of Purging/Organizing!

Today I tackled the kitchen.  It tends to be my domain and I LOVE having a clean kitchen.  I feel like I can cook better meals, and I also love to sit and sip a cup of coffee in a well organized sparkling room.

1: I did all the dishes.  I HATE having dirty dishes in the sink.  It’s like it ruins the whole rooms atmosphere just to have those darn things sitting in the sink.  Even if you don’t have enough for a load in the dishwasher, stick those puppies in there so they’re out of sight.

2.  Wipe down all the counters and make room.  This is where you’re going to need to sort and organize everything.

3. Start with the pantry.  I know that this tends to be the worst place in my kitchen.  My husband doesn’t seem to understand organization and just throws things around like a slob

  • Take things out and try to sort them by putting similar things together.
  • Throw away things that are expired.
  • Donate things that you won’t eat before they expire, or that you just flat out won’t eat.
  • Make an inventory of what you have
  • Wipe down all the shelves
  • Put them back however you’d like, hopefully this time without all the mess 😉

Here’s my pantry after I was done! Unfortunately my cabinets are all ugly because it’s a rental. We’re not going to stay here long so I don’t see the point in making it all pretty-ful and such.


4. The junk drawer:  I know that almost everyone has one, no use in denying it. If it’s not a drawer, it’s a bin that everyone throws random junk into.  Unforunately, this is what mine looked like: Image

I’ve read that the reason why things get filled with junk, is because everything needs a proper place.  So…I made dividers out of old folders.  Now, this was really bad looking and involved tape and random cutting, but it works for now.  I figure eventually I’ll get some dividers.


5. The rest of the cabinets: I didn’t want to do a number for every single cabinet!  So…I’ll just show you.  I just did the cabinets that were really bad, like the one above the pantry that housed the Crockpot and other miscellaneous appliances, and the cooking utensil drawer.


My Coffee and Tea cabinet, as well as some baby stuff (Kaelyn is still breastfeeding though, so that formula is pointless!  I tried to get her to take a bottle and she refuses.)Image

And the cup cabinet/kid cups cabinet:


6. The refrigerator: My refrigerator seems to always be in disarray.  Probably because of my husband again, and because of my three year old who loves to help me cook.  And what am I saying, sometime I just want to put those groceries away as fast as possible! So this is the before:


And the freezer was also in an equal disarray!  So…I got busy.  My 3 year old helped me spray everything down with my homemade cleaner (I will tell you more on that another time!) while I took everything out and threw away expired stuff.  I could not believe the amount of expired stuff I had in there!  I mean…2012?  I almost gagged just thinking about putting it in my food lol.  As well as the two jars of ranch dressing that were never expired, just forgotten.   And this is what it looked like after:


Much better right?  I think so too!  Now we can actually find things in our refrigerator!Image

I was so happy to FINALLY have a clean and organized kitchen, that I just stared at it for a second and opened all the cabinets, breathed a sigh of relief and spent time with this cutie:


If you want to see the original post from Ruth, you can check her out here.

Sorry for the terrible quality pictures.  I don’t own a digital camera at the moment so I’m required to use my phone!

Anyone planning on reorganizing your house?

Tomorrow, I will be conquering my bedroom!


5 thoughts on “7 Days of Purging/Organizing: Day 1-The Kitchen

    • Thank you Linda! I need to update more often lol. I do a 7 day because it’s easier to break it up that way! I don’t have the time or energy to do every room in one day. And I’m going to be making little sewing projects too.

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