Remembering…. my best friend

Susu on the left, Me on the right

Have you ever just been sitting around or cleaning, and then all the sudden you remember the things you used to do when you were younger?

I had a pretty…interesting…teenage life that mostly revolved around my best friend.  I’ll just call her SuSu on here.  Looking back now all I can think is Man we were so stupid! but it was fun!

We met in 7th grade Junior high and absolutely hated each other.  I thought she was annoying and prissy, and she thought I was a do-gooder.  Something changed and we became so close we were inseparable.  With my home life the way it was, it usually involved me staying at her house 5 days a week lol.   I’m pretty sure I had more clothes at her house than I did at my own!

  1. We failed most of our classes in 8th grade together
  2. We drank together (yes illegally………no comment!)
  3. We snuck out of the house together in high school
  4. We went to Disneyland together
  5. We laughed together
  6. Watched Law and Order SVU and CSI: Las Vegas together
  7. We cried together

We hated each other, and we loved each other

We had our falling out but ended up coming right back to each other.  Sometimes I feel like we’re the two ends of a magnet, and we either stick with each other or you turn us around and we push against each other.  Now, 9 years later we still see each other.

I wish that we saw each other more often but with me having a family and her being in school full time, plus the hour distance from my house to hers, it just doesn’t happen.  She’s my sister, my friend, and sometimes I call her my soulmate.

Do you have a friend this close to you? I would love to hear some stories!


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