Camel Spider

Camel Spider

First off…please excuse the food on my carpet. My 3 year old is a master of getting crumbs everywhere!

So yesterday my son and I were getting him ready to eat dinner, and I was moving a towel by his eating area. Then Isaac started screaming bloody murder and saying:
“Mommy! It’s a spider! A big big spider!”
I didn’t believe him at first because I couldn’t see it, and then it moved slowly and menacingly underneath the coffee table.
This made me and my son JUMP up on the couch with lightning fast speed because all I could think was “brown recluse” or “scorpion”! I proceeded to scream for my husband and he didn’t hear me, so I actually had to go find him to kill the darn thing.
Upon first inspection I thought it was a potato bug, and then I researched further and my brother (who’s done his time in Iraq and Afghanistan), said that it’s a small camel spider.
WHAT? That sounds CRAZY!
So what do I do?
I google it.
Apparently they aren’t venemous but their bites are nasty and hurt, and they can also get really infected. And we only get the small ones in Southern California…
Oh great..Just the small ones.
So now I am SO careful when I pick up anything.
So scary!


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